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Strategic Support Of Electric Vehicles Meet The New Energy Revolution

Strategic Support Of Electric Vehicles Meet The New Energy Revolution

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2018/10/08 17:50
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At present, the development of electric cars is getting attention in the community. Hangzhou in preparation for the upcoming "the G20 Summit", pure electric bus has nearly 30% per cent of total buses in the downtown. In recently held of "lithium industry-new ecological" international peak Forum Shang, China electric hundred people will, Chairman of Chen Qingtai to reporter said, electric is China meet new energy revolution of a strategy support points, "if we can using new energy revolution of opportunities, advance new energy car of development, so after 20 years or more long of time, we of energy traffic structure on will has big improved, energy environment of contradictions will get larger ease, national energy security of degree will get is big improve".

Starting in 2011, China has become the world's biggest oil-importing countries. Oil consumption, car 40%, new important areas of transportation of oil consumption in the country. Chen Qingtai, believe that, at present, the shortage of indigenous oil resources exceeded the alert line of dependence, volatile petroleum geopolitics and the pollution caused by energy production and consumption, energy environment in our country is facing the largest scale, the most serious challenge.

"In recent years, China's clean-energy, particularly renewable energy developments faster, more than many people expected. But renewable energy mostly intermittent, now abandoned, abandoning the wind was as high as 10%~30%, electric cars and other zero-emission mobility machinery for energy storage units, a consumer unit and Terminal, will be the strong support of distributed energy. "Chen Qingtai said, distributed energy, distributed energy storage and smart grid, zero-emission transport, if intelligent network and optimized, so that the overall energy efficiency, energy security and reducing greenhouse gas emissions to a whole new level.

Chen Qingtai said that electric car technology and new energy revolution intersection, and information, constitute an optimal match, also created the conditions for intelligent transportation, Smart City, will greatly improve the efficiency of energy and transportation, traffic safety, traffic management and operating costs. In addition, vehicle electrification technology to the agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, mobile robots, unmanned aircraft and other extended electrification of the mobile equipment, cleaning, information, promote the process of national information. However, you can expect a long period of time in the future, China's auto industry is still in the growth phase.

Chen Qingtai, further pointed out that at present, Chinese electric cars can become mature, there are still very difficult. It should be acknowledged that so far, compared with the fuel car, an electric vehicle is not handy, such as charging, high costs, prices and other issues.

Electric car development of the core, most difficult problem is the battery to break. Therefore, in the realization of the national strategy for new energy vehicles, battery industry has an important status, battery companies assume a very important role, "hope in the world's largest car production and sales in China, to grow with the world's leading technology batteries, spare parts and related materials enterprises, support the healthy development of China's electric car industry."

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